Below is a list of scholarships and grants offered annually. You will need to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a list of scholarships not necessarily given annually.

Student Counseling

We counsel students on their courses of interest and advise them on their career options. We also assist them to obtain admission to the appropriate institution.

Assessment and Evaluation

We assess students based on their qualifications, credentials, and career options to match them with the best option of study. We also assist them with placement into full-time studies in the relevant institution.

Visa Processing

We undertake preparing student visa applications, submission and follow up with the Consulate for visa processing. We also coordinate medical bookings and tuition fee payment required for this process. We also assist the students’ parents/guardians with processing of their visitor’s visas to enable them to escort the students to their country of study or visit them during the period of their studies.

Accommodation and Airport Pick up

Enbconsult makes arrangements for accommodation as well as flight bookings for students along with airport pickups when they disembark.


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