Guided Consultation

ENB’s personalized approach combines the student’s interests into a thoughtful exploration of the academic, career, and college planning process.

Our mission is to provide every student with the information, resources, and appropriate support to achieve academic, career, and college success.

With us, an initial complimentary meeting will provide an opportunity for us to discuss your interests, needs, and the best services to support your academic, career, or college process.

If you are clueless about what you want to do, we help you decide on a Country, University and Course. These consultations help us assess and evaluate you to see if you are eligible to study abroad for the program you want. (The country you want to study in might not be your best option.) We work together to tailor an educational plan based on your personal, academic, and financial profile.


  • Book a consultation
  • We evaluate and assess you
  • We share our thoughts and what we think might be your best options
  • You decide on your own

Why Us?

Expert Advise

We have a complimentary meeting between you and our experts to discuss your aims, objectives, and interests.

Tailored Service

We share an action plan that is tailored to suit your preferences and guide you through it.

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