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ENB Consult

ENB Consult is an education consulting service that assists Kenyan students to apply for higher education opportunities abroad. Where it is possible, we also help the students to apply for scholarship opportunities in their universities of choice.

With a combination of professional services from our consultants, our expertise, international mindset, and multinational experience of living, studying, and working abroad, we can understand your needs and precisely respond to your interests with successful results and outcomes.


What we do


If you are clueless about what you want to do, we help you decide on a Country, University and Course. These consultations help us assess and evaluate you to see if you are eligible to study abroad for the program you want. (The country you want to study in might not be your best option.) We work together to tailor an educational plan based on your personal, academic, and financial profile.


Do you know what you want to pursue? You can skip the consultation phase altogether and start your application asap.
Our team will help you to prepare your documents and complete the application for you, giving you the best chance of acceptance.
If you go the consultation route first, you decide on the university/universities you’d like to go to, and we apply on your behalf.


As part of our pre-departure services, we will assist you with your interview prep, essay writing, English language training, flight booking, OSHC etc.
We also help with accommodation booking, pickups, settling, banking, sim registration and other post-arrival-related services.


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